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How to send files 

& save money

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For the best possible outcome and to save you money, follow the steps below.

*If you don't know how to do something, or need guidance, I'm happy to help.  
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How to send files to a mixing engineer that will save time and money

#4 through #9 are the most important.

Remove sounds that should not be in the final mix.
2) Record your guitar and bass tracks with a DI channel along with the mic channel.

1. Having a recording of the clean, un-amplified signal also means that you’ll have the option of re-amping at a later stage. This is where you can send the previously recorded track out of your computer or console and into an amplifier, and then re-record this new amplified output with a microphone. This is a great way to play around with different types of mic or amp settings to help achieve the sound you’re after

3) MIDI and Virtual Instruments:

If you have these in your session, it is usually best to send the printed audio and the midi information

4) Correctly label your tracks so I don't have to guess what it is
  • Examples:
1. Gtr DI 1
2. AC Gtr R
3. OH hihat
4. OH floor tom
5. Room Mono
6. Snare_Top
7. Tom_1
8. Bass DI
5) Consolidate and export all tracks
from the same start time and at the same sample and bit rate they were recorded at, so they will line up when I put them into my D.A.W. Your D.A.W should save them to a designated folder for that songs session. Make sure your files are saved as .wav
6) Make a text file with all important information for every song.  Include:
  1. song name
  2. bpm (beats per minute, if it was recording to a click)
7) Put your text and your copied audio files into a new folder (for each song)
8) Upload each folder to 
Upload each folder to (once there, click on the +Add Your Files). Put your email in the your email box, and use for the "email to".
9) In the message box, please put your contact information and click Transfer
10)  WeTransfer will send you an email when I download each folder.
11) I will send you an email when I'm about to start

Receive Your Free PDF

Fill out the form and I will send you the free "How To Send Files" PDF of the information you just viewed above.

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