Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Project Request

This is where you leave the non devoted behind. . .  
These are the steps to becoming a serious recording artist. . . 
The result will show how dedicated you are to being taken seriously as a musician!


  1. What is the estimated timeline from start to finish?

  2. How many members in the group that is being recorded?

  3. How many songs are planned to be recorded?

  4. What are the main instruments that will be setup for the recording?

  5. Where is the location and what is the type of building (studio, barn, church, etc...) is the recording facility?

  6. If it isn't at a recording studio, is there any equipment there for the recording or does equipment need to be provided?

Recording Project Request

Mixing Project Request


  1. What is the estimated timeline from start to finish?

  2. How many songs will be mixed?

  3. What is the number of tracks in each song?


  1. I always recommend you to have new ears on it for the mastering.  I can get you connected with a great mastering engineer or if you have your own person, I can send them the files they need.

  2. I can do a faux master, and the volume will be at a streaming level, but a mastering engineer will give you much better results.

Mastering Project Request