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Quotes From Industry Professionals

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for KornBetter Than EzraJames BluntMatisyahuAce FrehleyAerosmith, and others!

"Zach, I Really Love your Drum Sound...Snappy, Very Tight....Fantastic!  Love the Gang Vocals...may be my favorite!"

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for TOOL, The Melvins, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and more!

"Zach, You're Doing Great!!!!"

An Oscar and Grammy winning, Emmy nominated Producer/Engineer/Mixer that has worked with Aerosmith; Christina Agulara; Brecker Brothers; Dave Brubeck; Donald Fagen; Duran Duran; and countless others.  


"Hey Zach, Mixes are sounding good here."


I record and mix: Singles, Demos, EP, and LP projects

  1. Truth and Honesty.  I work hard to earn your trust!

  2. Free test mix.  How do you know I'm the right engineer for your project unless I can prove it to you?  You can listen to my music portfolio, but that's not your music or your vision.

  3. You're in charge.  I work for you.  You want your vision to translate, I'm here to help you get there.

  4. I have studied music as a saxophonist, music arranger, and songwriter for over 30 years and 15 years as a recording and mixing engineer.  I bring a wealth of trial, error and success to the table.


PLAP Academy Member Badge - Light (1300x

1.  You keep the rights to your song.  I will not share any part of your song with any person or entity (without permission).

2. You are NOT on a mailing list, and I will never give away, rent, lease, or sell your contact information to anyone.

3. I work with dedicated, professional artists, and I reciprocate that by being dedicated to your project.