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Singles, Demos, EP, and LP projects

1) Truth and Honesty: 

Your songs; the ones you painstakingly had recorded to made sure was your absolute best performance of ? I love the creative route of bringing out more of the songs character, depth, and individuality and let it shine.

2) Free Test Mix.  

How do you know I'm the right engineer for your project unless I can prove it to you? No strings attached.    

3) You're in charge. 

Your project. Your expectations.Your vision. 

I'm here to help your project get there.

4) Experience.

With 20 years as a recording and mixing engineer and over 30 years as a saxophonist, music arranger, and songwriter, I bring a wealth of trial, error and success to the table.

Have a look around the website and if you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you.


ZTF Studio's Before and After Audio Player

Listen to the progression from rough tracks (pre-mix) all the way to mastered!

Click on the Genre and then 

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Now just click on the different versions, Pre-Mixed, Mixed, or Mastered

Image by James Stamler


Image by James Stamler
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1.  You keep the rights to your song.  I will not share any part of your song with any person or entity (without permission).

2. You are NOT on a mailing list, and I will never give away, rent, lease, or sell your contact information to anyone.

3. I work with dedicated, professional artists, and I reciprocate that by being dedicated to your project.



Quotes From Industry Professionals

"Zach, I Really Love your Drum Sound...Snappy, Very Tight....Fantastic!  Love the Gang Vocals...may be my favorite"

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for KornBetter Than EzraJames BluntMatisyahuAce FrehleyAerosmith, and others!


  • Please fill out the form below and I will contact you, usually within a few hours. I will email you with questions to help put together a professional proposal, customized just for your project.

  • This proposal will explain the details of the services I will provide and pricing. You and your bandmates can share and discuss if you’d like to proceed. No obligation, of course.


Thank you for your consideration.

ZTF Studio looks forward to hearing from you!

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