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For over 20 years in Southeastern Wisconsin


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Singles, Demos, EP, and LP projects

Zach's Experience

20 years as a recording and mixing engineer

30 years as a musician, arranger, and songwriting

ZTF Studio helps bring success to your recording project

About the Engineer, Zach T Fell

I've been involved in music my whole life.

I started listening to music before I was even born, thanks to my parents.

I was fortunate to be able to perform in multiple music genres since I was 10 years old. 

While I was growing up, there were always instruments in the house (guitar, bass, piano, drum set, saxophone) to experiment with.

Today, I use the guitar, piano, saxophone, and drum set for production and songwriting. 

Reasons to consider ZTF Studio

​I am invested in you and in your project.  I enjoy being a part of your success.

In 2003, I started my first recording studio.  The first album I did where I recorded, mixed, and produced with my father (a professional musician in his own right).  He showed my how to produce an album and not be satisfied with the end result until I felt I could still be happy with it 10 years later.  Not a perfect album, but a great album! I received 6 nominations and 1 award from W.A.M.I


In summer of 2002, I attended the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH and earned top marks in recording, technology, troubleshooting, and mixing.   


Bringing the best out of you and your songs. 


Recent ZTF Studio Mixes

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Quotes from some renowned Engineers

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for TOOL, The Melvins, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and more!

"Zach, You're Doing Great!!!!"


Quotes from some recent Clients

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  • Please fill out the form below and I will contact you, usually within a few hours. I will email you with questions to help put together a professional proposal, customized just for your project.

  • This proposal will explain the details of the services I will provide and pricing. You and your bandmates can share and discuss if you’d like to proceed. No obligation, of course.


Thank you for your consideration.

ZTF Studio looks forward to hearing from you!

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