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Clients describe ZTF Studio as:
Patient, Knowledgeable, Easy Going, Comfortable,
Efficient, Competent, Streamlined, and Collaborative.

Located between
-but not limited to-
Milwaukee and Chicago

Since 2002 

Genres I work with: Your Genre

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Singles, Demos, EP, and LP projects

Zach's Experience

20 years as a recording and mixing engineer

30 years as a musician, arranger, and songwriting

ZTF Studio helps bring success to your recording project

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About the Engineer, Zach T Fell

Been involved in music my whole life.

Started listening to music before I was even born, thanks to my parents.

Performed in multiple music genres since I was 10 years old. 

While growing up, there were always instruments in the house (guitar, bass, piano, drum set, saxophone) to experiment with.

Today, I use the guitar, piano, saxophone, and drum set for production and songwriting. 


About ZTF Studio

Whatever your project needs, it gets accomplished!


20 years of making sure projects

surpass client expectations.

Great relationships with amazing

studio musicians that are able to

bring your vision to realization.

Can create woodwind, brass, and string parts, and perform sax lines and/or solos.

Although I'm located between Milwaukee and Chicago, the internet has made it worldwide.

why ztf studio
mixing portfolio

First Projects Examples
2002 - 2007

Newest Projects
2021 - 2022

Pre-Covid Projects Examples
2018 - 2020

Studio Services

ZTF Studio Services


I work with you to help solidify your songs by attending production rehearsal and assess where your songs are at and help you bring out the best of your songs with suggestions.

  • Decide on the songs key, tempo, and time-signature.

  • Assess the main chord progression, melody, counter-melody, bassline, and motifs.

  • Suggest harmonic layers that complement and support one another.

  • Help develop ideas for the intro, verse, bridge, chorus, breakdown, and outro.

  • Talk about arrangement, tempo, adding and/or removing parts, key changes.

This is just the basics.  There is more that I can help with, when the time arrives.


TI have a great room for production rehearsals, that is also a great place to record.  There are also multiple studios around the country that I am connected with where you can reserve time for your project to get your recording project started.


Studio Musicians


Let's bring your recording project to its full potential. If your project needs additional musicians to enhance your project, ZTF Studio has great studio musicians available to you.


As a professional saxophonist, I can add sax lines. lead melodies, and solos to your songs.  If you need to add other woodwinds, brass, and/or strings, my knowledge of part writing and composition can add to your project.


Working with your provided tracks,

I work with your goals in mind to make sure you are completely satisfied with the mixing experience. We can also connect remotely after the mixing stage is finishing up so you can hear and make any changes that you feel are needed. 


Although I'm located between Milwaukee and Chicago, I have also mixed for multiple artists in the Great Lakes area, between the East and West coast, and even mixing sessions for artist in Peru and Turkey.

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Quotes from some renowned Engineers

Sylvia Massy

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for TOOL, The Melvins, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and more!

"Zach, You're Doing Great!!!!"


Quotes from some recent Clients

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